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Vireamed develops a medical-grade Virtual Reality (VR) exergame solution for motor function rehabilitation. Our leading use-case is stroke rehabilitation.

Using Your hands as an intuitive interface



Vireamed is a Finnish medical startup leveraging AI, smart electronics and exercise games (cf. exergames) to enable stroke patients to independently rehabilitate.



Globally, over 17 million first time stroke events occur per year. That is one every two seconds! This amounts to an enormous global cost of 230 B€ annually and is only expected to increase. Our solution dramatically decreases cost.



We differentiate with our unique patient needs driven approach and with our proprietary smart gloves that make patient own hands a natural and an intuitive interface to the VR environment.

rehabilitation back into the hands of patients.

Due to a lack of personnel and easy to use self-guiding solutions, stroke patients are not getting the amounts of training that they need. As a result, this leads to prolonged stay in rehabilitation centers, lead ultimately to higher and higher cost. Vireamed understands this and provides a solution that maximizes the opportunities given.

About Vireamed

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable solution for stroke patients to independently recover upper body and fine motor function without the assistance of a healthcare professional. We make this possible with an amazing team. Want to know more about who make this possible?



Let patients independently train without the fear of learning incorrect postures. Our system directly generates feedback to the patient and professionals

Care Platform

Allowing rehabilitation professionals to monitor the results of independent training by patients via our Care Platform.

Cost Reduction

Through increased independence, our system leads to almost a 30% reduction in therapy savings

The Future

Vireamed is a on mission to make rehabilitation healthcare more universal and affordable. By our estimation, we have already succeeded a 30% cost reduction with our solution. Want to know what else we’re currently working on?

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Therapy Savings

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