About Vireamed

Preparing the research project spin-out from
Aalto University – seeking for co-operation


Currently, the rehabilitation of people with stroke or other neurological conditions is insufficient compared to the growing demand. Only 15% of stroke patients are now receiving rehabilitation, as 50% would benefit from it. The development and emergence of new rehabilitation solutions will be crucial in the upcoming decade, as the care rate is expected to increase up to 30% in the next 10 years.


Our Goal

Our goal is to leverage the latest VR and IoT technologies and innovate new user interfaces for unique user-friendly and scalable Virtual rehabilitation solutions. AI/ML and eTexiles used as a source of differentiation.

We aim to improve rehabilitation results improving patient quality of life and simultaneously reduce rehabilitation cost through independent training.


The solution

Vireamed rehabilitation solution provides care professionals independent, self-guiding, and recording Virtual Reality exercise environment. Patients can increase training intensity and dosage. To prevent fatigue and to enhance the benefit of each session, the patient or therapist can split the session in to shorter and more efficient parts. With this, total training time during the brain recovery sensitivity period can be increased, leading to improved rehabilitation outcomes and reduced days in the rehabilitation center. Consequently, this will result in cost savings.


Vireamed solution is developed by Aalto University Research to Business project funded by Business Finland together with Aalto University. The project is planning spin-out from Aalto University after mid of 2022. Please reach out to us if you want to hear more.