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VR exergame solution for remote motor function rehabilitation

Vireamed is an Aalto University Startup project preparing for spin-out from Aalto mid of 2022. We develop a medical-grade Virtual Reality (VR) exergame solution for motor function rehabilitation. Our leading use-case is stroke rehabilitation.
Our target is to create an inspiring, motivating, and independent exergame environment to help the growing rehabilitation demand
VR headset together with our in-house developed smart garment and smart glove creates a natural and intuitive way to play VR exergames. Care Platform connects patient to care professionals remotely.

Giving back the power of rehabilitation
into patients' own hands, with their own hands

The Vireamed rehabilitation solution

The Vireamed system trains the upper body and fine motor movements, resulting in a more self-supporting life at home.

The system is an independent, safe, and motivating alternative to conventional rehabilitation, allowing patients to actively influence their journey to recovery.

The solution provides professionals with a broader choice of modalities for treatment which can influence recovery and allows them to give patients an independent option for continuing the recovery process beyond their time with a rehabilitation professional.

The Care Cloud provides patients and healthcare professionals objective and visual feedback on the treatment progress.

The feedback and progress metrics can be reached remotely with any computer or smart device.

About us

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable solution for stroke patients to independently recover upper body and fine motor function without the assistance of a healthcare professional.

Additionally, the system prevents harmful compensatory movements while providing progress feedback to patients and the supervising healthcare professional.

The motivating exergames lead to higher training intensity and dosage during the early stages of rehabilitation, resulting in faster recovery and improved therapy results.

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Vireamed solution is developed by Aalto University Research to Business project funded by Business Finland together with Aalto University. The project is planning to spin-out from Aalto after mid of 2022. Please reach out to us if you want to hear more. 

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