Our Solution

Vireamed offers a 3:1 System

The Vireamed Platform consists of three basic elements: (I) VR headset together with our in-house developed smart garment and smart glove creates a natural and intuitive way to play (II) VR exergames. Our (III) Care Platform connects patient to care professionals remotely.

In this way, the Vireamed system trains the upper body and fine finger motor movements, resulting in a more self-supporting life at home. The system is an independent, safe, and motivating alternative to conventional rehabilitation, allowing patients to actively influence their journey to recovery.

Schematic of our solution

Scroll over the highlights and exlore the different components of our system. If you like to know more about our solution, get in contact with us.

Greater than the sum of the parts ...

1. Smart Gloves

The Vireamed Smart Gloves are state of the art gloves using the latest eTextiles and precision measurement technology. The fabric is made out of breathable and safe-for-skin-material. The electrical components are also detachable such that the glove canbe washed to ensure hygenic use of the product.

2. Care Cloud

The Care Cloud has a player and a practitioner view. It is accessible from any smart device and computer. Additionally, it monitors the rehabilitation progress and displays it visually making progress metrics easy to follow up.

3. Smart Garment

The Vireamed Smart Garment is made out of breathable and extra-safe-for-skin material. The electrical components are also detachable such that the garment can be washed to ensure hygenic use of the product. The garment tracks body posture and enables the player automatic feedback, for making correct postures.

We offer immersive exergames

Our custom exergame system provides a motivating and safe environment for playing games and realizing independent rehabilitation. The gaming environment is specifically designed for rehabilitative exercise, such that less time is needed with rehabilitation experts. Want to know more about who we are and how we designed our exergames?

The benefits to our solution

Tailor Made

In addition to using commercially available game controllers, we offer unique, tailor made, smart gloves with specifically designed algorithms that can detect patient finger position accurately. This makes patient own hands an intuitive interface to the virtual environment enabling also training of fine motor finger movement.

No Experts Needed

Compensatory movement detection physical model AI algorithm can guide patients to make movements correctly and reduces the care professional fears of letting the patient to train alone..

Novel Solution

We offer a novel solution to a complex problem. Currently there are no independent, self-guiding and recording rehabilitation solutions where patient could do independent (or untrained healthy relative assisted) training without constant care professional guidance


Let patients independently train without the fear of learning incorrect postures. Our system directly generates feedback to the patient and professionals

Care Platform

Allowing rehabilitation professionals to monitor the results of independent training by patients via our Care Platform.

Cost Reduction

Through increased independence, our system leads to almost a 30% reduction in therapy savings

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