User testing in collaboration with savonia, university of applied sciences

During September 2021, third round of Vireamed virtual rehabilitation solution user tests were conducted in Kuopio Finland in collaboration with Savonia University of Applied Sciences students. User test was conducted with 8 chronic stroke patients. This means that we have now collected feedback from over 45 patient and rehabilitation professional users during the whole project.

Physiotherapy students Piia Vaattovaara and Väinö Nivala from Savonia University of Applied Sciences students led the user tests of a total of eight patients. The patients were stroke survivors or patients with neurological conditions. The students were briefed on how to use the equipment, make the gaming experience safe for the patients, and what feedback is valuable for the future development of the Vireamed system. All patient tests were successfully completed without any adverse effects, and some patients even got to test the equipment twice

With VR technology, a patient can safely do various sets of movements. The VR device in the pictures is tested by a Savonia student. For more information, check Savonia’s Instagram account or the hashtag #SavoniaAMK

Development with Savonia

The user testing and student interviews gave us valuable information and feedback about the system and games. We got a better sense of what to develop further and how to make the solution user-centered.